General information about your senior session:


What should I wear?

Choose colors that look great on you and enhance your features! Also, accessories with your outfits always add that extra touch!


How many outfits can I bring?

The session includes 3 outfit changes. Any additional outfit is $25 per outfit.


What about my makeup?

Ultimately, it's your decision on how much, if any, makeup you where. But, I do highly recommend you wear a little more than you normally would for your session. It really does help POP out your features and will keep you from looking washed out. I do have a makeup/hair artist that I work with that would be glad to do your hair and makeup for an additional charge.


Where do you take senior pictures?

My sessions are done outdoors in a location that you could suggest (your home being one of them), or I can choose depending on what setting you are interested in. Outdoor locations lend itself for more room to move around and a great variety in your pictures!


How do I view my proof gallery once my images are ready?

When your gallery is ready, they will be posted to the "client" page on my website. You will be given a password that gives you access to your gallery. From there you will be able to view your proofs as well as make an order.


How long will my gallery be posted?

You will have 3 weeks to view your gallery. That will give you time to look through all your great photos and decide which images are your favorites! If you need an extension, there will be a $25 charge for an additional 2 weeks posting.


What can I do with my digital files?

Once you've purchased a digital package, that gives you the copyrights to those images allowing you to print at your convenience! You will have two folders, one for printing and one for social media.


Where should I print my digital images?

As a photographer, it is very hard to release my prints and not know which lab wiil be used and if the quality of the printing is to my standard and satisfaction. I want your pictures to look the best they can possibly look! There are many labs out there that will have a very poor quality in their printing, and I would not want those photos being what represented my work. With all that said, I have selected a lab especially for you that will do an excellent job in making sure your prints are the quality they need to be and would reflect my work well. That information will be given to you at the time you receive your images.